Thursday, February 05, 2009 Forced To Apologize

On the heels of the Michael Phelps marijuana scandal, the amateur, right wing, satirical blogging community was rocked Thursday when a photo of the surfaced showing the website engaged in a wild party, possibly destroying the reputation of the wholesome, family friendly blog.  In the picture, you can clearly see the blog cavorting with five hookers, three midgets, and a donkey while a kilo of cocaine, a bottle of the horse tranquilizer Ketamine, and a vial of human adrenal gland can be spotted in the background.  When contacted for comment, responded by apologizing, claiming it would never happen again, before leaving to pick up Amy Winehouse for a party at Kid Rock's mansion.

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CW said...

Just remember that it's my turn to take Amy home. Dang! That girl can put her lips around a bong!