Friday, September 05, 2008

Obama/Biden Ticket Worries Environmentalists

Fear spread throughout the environmentalist community early Saturday morning as the news that Barack Obama had chosen Sen. Joe Biden as his vice presidential candidate. National environmentalist groups are worried that the Obama/Biden ticket would vastly increase the dangers and imminence of global warming, as a result of the combination of hot air released from both candidates. "This will lead to more hurricanes, an increase in the death of polar bears, and the end of Antarctica as we know it," claimed activist Harold Scrottle, the head of the Faction for Alleviating Global Warming. Although the similarities between the two makes them almost indistinguishable, Scrottle went on to say that the Democratic ticket is more of a danger to the environment than cow flatulence. Environmentalist Al Gore was unavailable for comment as he was aboard his private plane.

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