Thursday, May 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Obama's Marriage Proposal



The Obama campaign is furious that a transcript of Sen. Obama’s marriage proposal to Michelle was leaked to the media. The MSM refuses to publish the information, but because this website never attended Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, we know a good story when we find it!


Barack Obama (not on one knee, but standing, gazing defiantly into the distance): We are the husband we’ve been waiting for. I am more than your suitor, but rather I have become a symbol of the possibilities of marriage. After our first twenty years of marriage, you will look back on this moment as the time that your loneliness began to recede and your heart began to heal. This is the moment that will end divorce and secure marriage. I promise to provide you with care when you are sick and a job if you lose yours. Let there be no new walls to divide us. Now is the moment to say yes. The odds you will say yes are very good so I’ve already told my family and friends we are engaged, as well as scheduled the wedding.

(Barack Obama stops reading from teleprompter, looks down confidently to Michelle.)


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