Thursday, September 11, 2008

News In Brief

*CLINTON ON PALIN: When asked about how Clinton would be responding to the Palin nomination, Obama staffer Richard Shorter said that Clinton would not be seen anywhere near Palin because "the last thing the campaign needs is a sexual harassment scandal." When asked to clarify, the spokesman admitted he thought the question was about former President Bill Clinton.

*SEXUAL TENSION IN THE WHITE HOUSE?: Recent reports have speculated about possible sexual tension in the White House between the president and the vice president in 2009. Concerns have been raised that this could interfere with the workings of the government. When asked to comment, Sen. Obama said he thought Biden was "a good, experienced leader," but was "not interested in anything more than a working relationship," while Sen. Biden said he and Obama are "partners, but not the gay kind," but did admit to admiring how Obama looks in a suit.

PSYCHIATRIST OVERWHELMED: Area psychiatrist Harold Scrottle is reportedly feeling overwhelmed, working long hours all due to one patient. Scrottle says he is almost to the breaking point, but expects to write a paper for the Journal of Abnormal Behavior about his patient, blogger Andrew Sullivan, if he doesn't suffer a breakdown himself.

(Yes, this post follows the rule of three.)

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