Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cooper to play elf in upcoming Tolkien movie.

San Francisco, CA – Anderson Cooper, the impish CNN reporter known for his delicate features and severe eyebrow furrow - inked a deal Tuesday evening to play an elf in Guilermo del Toro's upcoming remake of Tolkien's "The Hobbit."

"It was a good fit on many levels," said co-screenwriter Peter Jackson. "Anderson brings a natural ability to represent an androgynous creature who doesn't meaningfully contribute to the overall dialogue. He was born to play this elf."

Lord of the Rings message boards around the globe erupted in discourse within minutes of the announcement. One enthusiastic fan using the name NerfHerder93 posted, "Finally a chance to see Anderson Cooper as God intended: Wearing a loincloth, carrying a bow, and looking delicate but severe."

Not all fans agreed. Womprat121 penned, "Does anyone else think this guy is just too feminine to playe (sic) an elf?"

Phone calls to Anderson Cooper's glass and soapstone sky-condo in the Castro district were not immediately returned.

Del Toro declined to comment on rumors that David Bowie will play the role of Cooper's grandfather.

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