Wednesday, October 29, 2008

McCain: Text your vote for Obama!

Cranton, OH - John McCain countered Barack Obama's campaign to "Take the day off and vote," by targeting Obama supporters with "Text OBAMA to [number redacted] to vote for President."

The move targets African-Americans, Under-35 Caucasians, Train Engineers, the stupid, and the easily manipulated - which account for a stunning 87% of Barack Obama's base.

The ad reads, "Don't waste a day off from work this Tuesday - stay home and text OBAMA to [number redacted]."

Calls from the Edwards Report to the number were answered by Cindy Sheehan's voicemail.

Obama campaign officials were outraged by the blatant misdirection, and demanded the ads be pulled. The objections were quieted when the McCain campaign offered them each $20 in ring tone credits from Jamster.

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