Monday, October 06, 2008

Axis of Evil Starts PAC

The Axis of Evil announced this morning that the group will be forming a political action committee (PAC) to help in the election efforts of Sen. Barack Obama. While technically illegal, they have received assurances from the Obama campaign that it will not be an issue. The PAC will include Great Leader Kim Jong-il of North Korea and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. Saddam Hussein of Iraq was unavailable, so the group held an event called Despot Idol to find a replacement. The first winner was Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe but he was mysteriously poisoned. The eventual victor was Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was reportedly very angry when he received his low score on the final round, and was overheard saying, "I knew that Simon was a jackass. He must be working with the neoliberal Bush." When reached for comment, Ahmadinejad said he started the PAC because, "America needs change. And hope. I think Barack Obama is the man for that. He will raise taxes on businesses to ensure taxation fairness and that America is never again the world's economic leader. Oh, and he can recite the Islamic call to prayer in Arabic, which is really just the icing on the cake." He then abruptly hung up the phone because he had to officiate over a stoning of homosexuals who don't exist. Equally excited was Kim, who remarked, "This is like so totally awesome. When Mahmound called me, I was like, I am so in, and he was all like, this is going to be so hot." He then asked to speak to Hannah Montana. At the press conference announcing the addition of the Russian Prime Minister, Putin stated Obama "brings us hope and change. Hope that no one will stand in our way, and change from the current policy of so rudely defending freedom."

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David said...

So, I have finally reached the gutter of the Internet :)

Who knew you could write? Or read for that matter?

This is a great site, I think I might come back to stock you. But my stock is worthless now so good luck with that.

You actually endorsed that candidate for City Commissioner in Oregon City? You must have fallen off the wagon (or you where never on it to begin with).

David Tacheny!