Thursday, October 30, 2008

27% of Obama's Social Spending To Go To His Family

The Edwards Report has learned that 27% of multi-millionaire presidential candidate Barack Obama's increased social spending for the disadvantaged is expected to go to members of his own extended family. Speaking from his Illinois mansion, Obama said his plan to raise taxes and spread the wealth to those who don't pay taxes is needed to help people like his Aunt Zeituni Onyango who lives in a slum in Boston. He added his health care plan would help his "Uncle Omar," also living in poverty, who was recently beaten by armed robbers. After rolling around in the millions of dollars he made from his two best selling books, Obama suggested his proposed increases in foreign aid would help people like his half-brother George Hussein Obama, who lives in a hut in Kenya on less than $1 a month. Sen. Obama added "If we don't take care of our family members, who will? And by we, I mean the American taxpayer." He ended the interview in order to decide whether to eat free range chicken with organic arugula or Kobe beef with edamame for lunch. Earlier, his brother George had to decide between eating the flies circling him or nothing.
Obama prepares to ask for donations to his presidential campaign while in Kenya.

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Mr. Krispy said...

I have run a fact check on the statistics that you provided in this article and I regret to inform you that they are inaccurate. Posted on the Obama website I found data indicating that he is limiting the amount of social spending that will be going to his family to only 26.47%. It's obvious that you are trying to make Barack Obama, or as I prefer to call him, B.O...because his ideology stinks, look bad just before election day. It's obvious that you don't have an original bone in your body...I see this kind of misrepresentation in the NYT on a daily basis. Quit copying them!!! You should prepare for legal fisticuffs with those boys because they're gonna be all over you like white on rice. And no I don't mean Mr. White on Ms. Rice, although that could be the genesis of a new genre called political porn. If you want to get accurate information I highly recommend that you gather your data from Mr. Krispy (that's me) at the Krispy Kronicles. I'd never steer you wrong.
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