Monday, September 01, 2008

The Future Of The Republican Party Is, Well . . . HOT

There has been some chatter about Sen. McCain’s Veep being corruption busting conservative Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. I’m on board, but as the country is not ready for a president who smokes, is it ready for a vice president who is smoking?

And the WSJ’s Potomac Watch columnist Kimberley Strassel has brought my attention to another Republican reformer with a bright future, Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman. Ms. Steelman is running in the Republican primary for governor against the corrupt GOP machine in Missouri.

The cherry on top being the lovely and former beauty pageant winner Cindy McCain as First Lady.

Don’t worry, Dems! You will always have Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski!
(Or is that the funny voiced lady from the Poltergeist movies?)

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