Monday, September 01, 2008

Review: The Bodacious Ting Tings

Music Review: The Ting Tings'  We Started Nothing
Will the Brits save pop music? It appears we have another musical British invasion: Amy Winehouse, Duffy, and now the Ting-Tings. From across the Atlantic, we have been shown the way to reinvigorate and reinvent the morose pop music scene, making this genre fun again. The Ting Tings music is nothing more than fun, uncomplicated pop music. In other words, the Ting Tings’ music is like Courtney Love’s crotch: it is both easily accessible and highly infectious. The Ting Tings’ debut album is called We Started Nothing, and their style can best be described as alternative, indie, British pop. They made their foray into the American scene when their song, “Shut Up and Let Me Go”, was used in an Ipod commercial, thus ruining any cred they may have had with music “purists,” i.e. those who think authentic music can only come from those who are unsuccessful, otherwise the artist is a corporate tool or a sell-out. Listening to the entire album in one sitting can start to be monotonous, but for cruising on a summer day with the windows down, or a late Saturday night at the club, the music is ideal. Don’t be surprised if some of what you hear brings to mind everything from Nena to Republica.

For the music video to Shut Up and Let Me Go, click here. (Oh, dude! You were just Stop-Drop-And-Roll-ed! Click here for the real video.)

Here is the video for Great DJ. (Oh, man! You were just Mick-Rolled. Here is the real video.)

Here is the music video for That’s Not My Name. (Oh, chief! You were just Dick-Rolled! Here is the real video.)

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