Friday, September 19, 2008

Dowd Visits Alaska

Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has ventured to Alaska to better understand the life of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.   "I feel like Jack London," she said from her hotel room as she finished her Kegel excercises.  "This place is dreadful.  Yesterday, I broke a heel on my Manolo pump and I was horrified to discover there is not a Saks anywhere in Wasilla."  Dowd was forced to continue wearing the broken shoe rather than face the horror of shopping at Walmart.  She also complained about the lack of good men in the small town, despite her desperate, unending attempts to find one.  "What kind of man doesn't wax his legs, or use moisturizer, or read Vanity Fair?" she wondered.  Dowd had to end the conversation as she was on her way to the local bar, where she will be shocked to discover they don't carry Belvedere vodka or have a tapas menu. When asked to comment, her fellow NYT colleague Frank Rich could only mumble unintelligibly as he had five Krispy Kremes in his mouth and was dancing in women's underwear to a Carole King album.

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