Friday, September 05, 2008

Arianna Admits: HuffPo Actually A Parody

The blogging world was rocked yesterday when Huffington Post diva Arianna Huffington admitted that the entire website was, in fact, a parody. "It's all a joke," said Arianna. "From the vapid blog posts by smarmy d-list celebrities to the paranoid conspiratorial rantings of left wing hacks to the pretentious, overwrought prose of alleged writers, I can't believe no one caught on that the website was an effort to expose the intellectual deficiencies of liberalism. Yes, it's true. I'm still a conservative, and the whole website was an effort to discredit the Left." Arianna went on to say that not only was she not really a leftist, but she wasn't Greek either. "When Michael first met me, I was actually a Bangkok prostitute living on the streets." Arianna was quick to add, though, that her ex-husband, Michael, really is a homosexual.

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