Friday, September 05, 2008

Political Consultant Actually Unemployed

Local resident Harold Scrottle, who calls himself a "political consultant," is actually unemployed. Scrottle introduces himself as a political consultant when he attends political events and emails local politicians, despite having never been hired in that capacity, although he did run a local political auxiliary for three weeks before it collapsed. He now refers to himself as chairman emeritus. He has no real experience running campaigns, has only dreamt of running for office, and has an associate degree in hotel management, but still likes to portray himself as a political insider with something to offer candidates. Despite years of networking political events, Scrottle has yet to be offered a job, even as a volunteer. Scrottle once ran into Washington Post columnist George Will at the grocery store and introduced himself as a fellow pundit, as he once had a letter published in his local newspaper.

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