Friday, September 05, 2008

Undecided Voter Shaken By DNC Convention

Local undecided voter Dick Johnson was deeply shaken after watching this week's Democrat Convention. "I watched all evening, all week, and it really opened up my eyes. I go to work every day and take care of my family, so I'm really busy, but I had no idea that America was in such bad shape. I didn't realize that half the country lived under their local bridge, or that only Halliburton executives were allowed decent health care," said Johnson. He went on to wonder how the Republicans could have nominated Sen. John McCain as their presidential nominee. "At first I thought he was an American hero," Johnson explained, "but after watching the DNC convention I discovered that he hates those who serve in the military, wants to take away school lunches from poor children, and likes to snap the heads off of kittens." Johnson now leans toward Obama.

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