Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain's Secret Strategy

The Left has been fretting for sometime about a possible "swift-boating" of Sen. Obama, as well as constantly complaining about rumor-based whispering campaigns. They have every reason to worry. I have discovered Sen. McCain's secret dirty campaigning tactic: his associates are going to start a rumor that Sen. Obama is black. This is expected to ruin Obama's chance to be president, knocking him out of front-runner status since America is such a racist country. The Clinton campaign had planned to start the rumor to destroy Obama's campaign during the Democrat primary but backed away at the last minute, as Bill was worried about a threat from Rev. Jackson. It is feared among the Obama camp that if some Americans begin to believe that Obama is black, his poll numbers will plummet because America is such a racist country. His campaign believes that if this rumor had become ingrained in the psyches of voters earlier, Obama would have never gotten this far because, as we all know, America is a racist country.

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