Monday, July 14, 2008

We Are Still At War

The lack of coverage of the Iraq war should be your first clue that the "surge" has been quite successful at quelling the violence there. Taking the place of its articles is coverage of the devolving state of the war in Afghanistan. The Bush administration is pushing harder for more involvement by Pakistan, but the new government is too busy making peace deals with terrorists and pulling troops out of the dangerous frontier areas of the country. The "militants" (MSM term for terrorists) are using these areas to base their operations, which consist of setting up a Taliban-lead "government" in the until now ungoverned lands and making cross-border attacks on Afghan soil. With the decline of violence in Iraq and the increase in Afghanistan, the later is now more deadly than the former. A sad demonstration of this occurred on Sunday, when nine U.S. soldiers were killed in an attack, the worst in that war so far. A sad reminder that we are still at war, even if some of us forget that some times.

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