Sunday, July 13, 2008

Somebody Tell This To The Leftists

Interesting story on a famous Iranian dissident in the Sunday NYT. If you have several minutes, I would take the time to read about his journey from freedom fighter, to torture by the lunatics running Iran, to, finally, freedom in the United States. I think this is probably the first time this sentiment has been expressed in the NYT:

When his flight from Vienna landed at Dulles Airport in Virginia in
late June, Mr. Batebi was astonished to see that the airport worker
waving the jet into the gate was a Muslim woman wearing a tight head

Mr. Batebi was enthralled, sensing a casual tolerance that
was exactly what he had longed for in his own country. “It seems to me
that people here are free to live their lives, as long as they do no
harm to anyone else,” he said.

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