Sunday, July 13, 2008

At Least It's Not Franky D

In today's NYT, there is a look into Sen. McCain's governing philosophy. If you want to read it, click here, but I wouldn't. Nothing new is revealed. Anyone who has followed McCain and his positions and earlier writings would know that he, when asked to name a governing model, would, as the article states, skip "over the suggestions of three names typically associated with the conservative movement - Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barry Goldwater, . . . to settle on Theodore Roosevelt." (Trivia bonus: McCain holds Goldwater's old Senate seat.) At least it's not the other President Roosevelt.
McCain goes on to to say, "I believe less governance is the best
governance, and that government
should not do what the free enterprise and private enterprise and
individual entrepreneurship and the states can do, but I also believe
there is a role for government." Encouraging. He goes on to add,
"Government should take care of those in America who can not take care
of themselves." Few would dispute the sentiment behind this, but the
meaning and application of it varies widely. Let's hope Sen. McCain's
summertime reading includes some old speeches from the man he replaced.

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